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    Pilates is a full body exercise method that helps you lengthen, strengthen and stabilize your body-specifically your core. Pilates involves precise moves with concentration on each movement, flowing movement patterns and specific breathing techniques. If you are new to Pilates it is best to take a couple private sessions before entering a group class. Be Water Movement Studio offers a New Client Intro Special-3 Private Sessions for $150.  

    Pilates has therapeutic and preventative benefits. By relaxing and strengthening different muscles you can effectively improve your posture, balance, and body awareness.

    At Be Water Movement Studio we use the Pilates Reformer and Tower during our sessions. The Reformer is a bed-like apparatus with a moving carriage, resistance springs, and straps. The Pilates Tower offers a more stable surface to work on. Clients will sit, stand, or lie down on a mat and work with resistance springs to complete each exercise.  

    Pilates is for EVERY-Body! Each session is customized to fit your body, fitness and health needs. We were all beginners once so no need to be nervous. Nicole will make you feel right at home!