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  • Charles Ogiba, LCSW

    Welcome to the beginning of your journey through change and fulfillment. People often present to therapy with many challenges within their life. These can be longstanding emotional troubles from depression to anxiety and trauma. Life can sometimes be difficult to face with multiple obstacles presenting at the same time. Engaging in a thoughtful plan with guidance from an experienced therapist can help you to create a life that is more satisfying and therefore naturally meet your personal goals. Let’s begin.

    With over 15 years of experience, I can assist clients across the spectrum of disorders, life challenges and also can guide in navigating the systems in life, from mental health, work stress, relationships, financial difficulties, disability and life transitions. My specialties are PTSD, LGBTIQ and African American therapy/advocacy as well as depression.

    Entering a therapeutic relationship can be difficult and the fact that you are here says you are ready to create change. Be patient with yourself and express kindness for what you have already achieved. My approach is non-judgmental and my goal is to allow full expression within treatment. Let’s work together to help you to become your own advocate.

    To reach Charles directly, you may use the email and phone below:

    [email protected]