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    Nicole Dobias-Shaw

    I’ve been teaching Classical equipment and mat Pilates for 12 years, but Ive been a lover of the method since 2002. After my senior year of high school I developed sever agoraphobia. I couldn’t leave my room without having massive panic attacks. Up until that point I was very active. Living in Florida my friends and I would go surfing every day, sometimes twice a day. The fact that I couldn’t be active added to my depression/anxiety circle. My mother gifted me a Mari Winsor Pilates box set and Ive been hooked ever since. It was a way for me to focus my thoughts and body on something other than panic. After a year of agoraphobia I started taking anti anxiety and depression medication and Ive never looked back. I moved to Wilmington, NC and took the In Balance comprehensive Classical Pilates training with Carrie Pages in 2009. 

    I want to make each Pilates session effective and fun! My goal for Be Water Movement Studio is to be fully inclusive no matter your sexual orientation, race, age, ability, or financial situation. We are a movement community and would love for you to be apart of it!