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  • Senior Resource List

    ​​Identifying resources in the community to address your specific needs can be an overwhelming task. Here is a list of resources I have found to be helpful. It is helpful to know that when in doubt, you can typically call your local DSS or Senior Resource Center and explain your situation and someone can help point you in the right direction. NHC DSS can be reached at 910-798-3400. NHC Senior Resource Center can be reached at 910-798-6400.

    Food Resources
    Meals on Wheels Weekday 910-798-6443
    Meals on Wheels weekend 910-620-0676

    Need help house work
    DSS Homekeepers Program 910-798-3400

    Transportation needs
    DSS Medicaid Van 910-798-3400
    Senior Center 910-798-6400

    Need Caregiver for a loved one
    CAP services (medicaid only) Athena Brown 910-452-8303 or 910-452-8504

    Liberty Healthcare Corp. 919-855-4360
    can help with low income, will come to home to assess if family qualifies.

    Senior center can help with a certain number of hours per year 910-798-6400

    Utility payment support
    DSS program 2xper year 910-798-3400
    must be to point of cuttoff notice

    Mortgage Help
    NC Forclosure Fund 888-623-8631
    HARP 888-666-5019
    Call Mortgage company and ask about loan modification your mortgage company #

    Help understanding insurance

    SHIIP program at Senior Center 910-798-6400

    No Insurance
    Tileston Medical Clinic
    1605 Doctors Cir
    (910) 343-8736

    New Hanover Community Health Center
    925 N 4th St
    (910) 343-0270

    Planned Parenthood – Wilmington Health Center
    1921 & 1925 Tradd Court
    (910) 762-5566

    St Mary Health Center
    1 review · Dental Clinic
    412 Ann St
    (910) 763-8163

    New Hanover County Health Department
    Public Health Department
    2029 S 17th St
    (910) 798-6500
    Veteran’s Assistance – Ellis Pender (NHC) 910-798-7611

    Voluneteers Available at Senior Center 798-6400
    If ever fall and need help getting up call 911 and they will help you and your family assure you are in a safe place in your home.

    Mental Health Concerns – STR (Screening and referral) 877-685-2415

    Serious Saftey Concerns – make an APS report to DSS 910-798-3400