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  • What To Expect In Therapy With Kim

    This is a small piece about what to expect in therapy; no two individuals or families are exactly the same, so everyone’s therapy experience will be customized to meet their needs and goals. The following is the general outline that I follow for therapy.

    What to Expect Session 1

    Assessment of what brings you into my office, we will explore what the presenting issue is as well as go though some relevant history. We will also be building a rapport.

    Session 2

    We will make an in depth plan to address the presenting issue, as well as explore any barriers that can be expected, and discuss how to overcome those barriers.

    Session 3

    We will engage in a review of how the plan is working in your family’s life, discuss progress as well as any unexpected barriers and amend the plan accordingly.

    Session 4 and beyond

    Any follow up sessions may be needed; this is common, specifically with more complex issues. There are no one size fits all method of therapy.